CRC Industries, Inc. has announced that it will showcase its widely-accepted cooling system additive, K&W FIBERLOCK Head Gasket & Block Repair, on a full car wrap on the #40 Hillman Racing Chevrolet SS at two upcoming NASCAR Sprint Cup Series events.  A manufacturer of chemical specialties for maintenance and repair professionals and do-it-yourselfers, CRC is the primary sponsor of the #40 Chevrolet SS driven by Landon Cassillfor the Hillman Racing team for these events.

K&W FIBERLOCK is a pour-in repair additive that can permanently seal cracks and leaks in head gaskets, engine blocks, freeze plugs, cylinder heads and radiators. Designed for do-it-yourselfers as well as automotive repair technicians, K&W FIBERLOCK prevents an expensive repair on a vehicle that is not worth the cost of the service.

"If your car is one on which you'd rather not spend a hefty sum in repairs, K&W FIBERLOCK provides a quick, easy-to-use – and inexpensive – solution," said Adam Selisker, CRC vice president of technology. "K&W FIBERLOCK uses thermochemical sodium silicate reinforced with military-strength fibers to create a web-like weave over the crack for a multi-layer repair. The crack could cause a hot spot from all the pressure being released in that area. This extra pressure is going to force more product into the damaged area of the cooling system and the hot spot will aid in the FIBERLOCK curing process. Also, the air introduced from the flaw in the cooling system helps the sodium silicate to solidify, making it a permanent repair."

Easy to use, K&W FIBERLOCK does not require you to drain the cooling system first as in the case of many other cooling system additives on the market today. Just pour and go.

K&W FIBERLOCK will be featured on a full car wrap on the #40 Hillman Racing Chevrolet SS at the following upcoming NASCAR Sprint Cup Series events:

  • Sunday, March 02 3:00PM ET

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series March Phoenix Race

Phoenix International Raceway, Phoenix, AZ

  • Sunday, March 23 3:00PM ET

Auto Club 400

Auto Club Speedway, Fontana, CA

According to Mike Hillman, Sr., owner of Hillman Racing, "The race track is an unforgiving testing ground, and the CRC chemical products used in the maintenance of our race cars have always helped us rise to the challenge."

Furthermore, with its cooling system additive, K&W FIBERLOCK, CRC Industries has saved owners of vehicles thousands of dollars in expensive engine repair.

"The labor required to remove and repair the cracked part of an engine can be extensive," said Selisker. "FIBERLOCK uses nanotechnology to reach into the tiniest crevices, making the molecular bond stronger and permanently hardened to the surface area. FIBERLOCK is a great alternative to a costly engine repair, and it is backed by CRC's double-your-money-back guarantee."

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