Greg Biffle was a strong contender in the first half of the STP 500 at Martinsville Speedway. Biffle led a total of 18 laps and was a regular inside the top 10.  As the laps dwindled down, the No. 16 3M Ford continued to get tighter which cost valuable track position on restarts as Biffle was stuck in the outside lane.  The tight handling condition, coupled with tire wear, culminated in an 18th-place finish.

Biffle started the 500-lap race from the 11th position, but lost a few positions in the opening run with a Ford that was a little too tight.  A wedge adjustment on the first stop seemed to help on the long run and as other competitors tires faded Biffle worked his way up inside the top 10.

With a track bar adjustment on the second pit stop of the race, Biffle was able to maneuver his Ford to the front of the field, leading for 18 laps.  Biffle was leading when a caution came out.  After pitting for four tires, fuel and a wedge adjustment, Biffle restarted second, placing him in the outside lane.  The outside lane was the downfall for many at Martinsville and proved tricky for Biffle as well.

Biffle eventually worked his way down to the bottom groove and continued battling a tight Ford in a caution filled race.  After starting multiple times on the outside lane with a 3M Ford that continued to tighten up despite the adjustments, Biffle was left with an 18th-place finish.