Remember the "Battle of the Sexes" between tennis players Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King?

Tony Stewart suggested a revival of the concept—racing style—featuring seven-time champion Richard Petty and Danica Patrick.

Petty said during a recent appearance at the Canadian Motorsports Expo in Toronto that Patrick, who drives for Stewart-Haas Racing, could win a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race only "if everybody else stayed home."

SHR co-owner Tony Stewart suggested Wednesday during an appearance on the Performance Racing Network's "Fast Talk" that the King and Patrick should settle their differences on the race track.

"I think that would settle it once and for all—maybe get him to shut up a little bit, too," Stewart said in defense of his teammate. "I will supply the cars. If he wants to race her, I'll make sure they have exactly the same setup in the car and give him the chance.

"He can drive one of my (No.) 14 cars. I don't care."

PRN host Doug Rice suggested that, if Patrick wins, she should take the checkered flag to Petty and have him sign it. Stewart had other ideas.

"If I were her, I'd take it over there and cram it up his (butt)," Stewart said.